How to Dance Through Time, Volume II: Dances of the Ragtime Era

“How-To Dance Through Time Volume 2 – Dances of the Ragtime Era 1910-1920” provides a unique and entertaining lesson for dance lovers. Since there is a growing trend of people turning back to ballroom dancing, this video will help meet their demand for instructional videos on enjoyable dances that are fun and easy to learn . The dancers in this film provide 44 step combinations and “how-to” instructions for viewers to learn to dance the most popular social dances of the early 20th century, the ragtime era: Animal dances (Fox Trot, Horse Trot, Kangaroo Hop, Duck Waddle, Squirrel, Chicken Scratch, Turkey Trot, and Grizzly Bear), Castle Walk, Tango, Maxixe, and Hesitation Waltz. Professional dancers perform the steps with the authentic music and fashions of the period. Dances are introduced with historical information accompanied by original photographs and drawings, in animation. When dance instructions are completed, the steps are performed in easy-to-learn dance sequences. As with all videos in the How to Dance Through Time series, the dances are introduced with a concise, historical overview and illustrated with authentic photographs and drawings. The steps were carefully researched from period manuscripts and are recreations of historical dances. Close up and slow motion views make learning the moves simple and fun. Dance historian and choreographer Carol T├ęten is an engaging presence in the series, providing historical context and calling out dance instructions as professional dancers, front the Dance Through Time company, demonstrate and perform.

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