Social Dance Timeline

As the leading resource for historical dance videos, we love to educate our customers on Western social dances. Please refer to our complimentary Dance Encyclopedia for definitions, terms, characteristics, and brief historical context of the dance genres we offer on video and more.


15th century
16th century
Late 17th century & 18th century (circa 1685-1769)
Late 18th century
Early 19th century – Regency (1805 – 1820)
Romantic Era (1850-1869)
1880 – 1900: Polka, Mazurka, Galop, Waltz Cotilon
1910s 20th Century
1920 Blackbottom Charleston
1930s – Dance Marathon, Movie Musical, Big Apple, Jitterbug
1940s – Rumba, Swing
1950s Roc ‘N Roll, Mambo
1960s – Twist, Mod, Psychedelic
1970s – Disco
1980s – Breakdance, Punk, Moonwalk
1990s – Vogue, Hip-Hop, Country Western