How To Dance Through Time, Volumes I & V, Music CD

How To Dance Through Time, Volumes I & V, Music CD

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Music CD – How To Dance Through Time Volume I & V: 19th Century Couple Dances

Volume I of How To Dance Through Time teaches the basics of 19th century couple dances; Volume V teaches the Victorian embellishments of the same forms. This CD provides the music to accompany your practice of these dances. Slow, medium, and fast tempi tracks allow you to master the dances.

Run-time 25 minutes and 56 seconds on 1 CD


Volume I

The Romance of Mid-19th century Couples Dances

2. Galop
3. Polka
4. Schottische
5. Polka-Mazurka

Volume V

Victorian Era Couple Dances

6. Waltz 8 measures very slow
7. Waltz 16 measures slow
8. Waltz 16 measures moderate
9. Waltz 32 measures slow
10.Waltz 32 measures moderate
11.Waltz Full á Tempo
12.Polka 16 measures slow
13.Polka 16 measures moderate
14.Polka 64 measures slow
15.Polka 64 measures moderate
16.Polka 64 measures moderate
17.Polka Full á Tempo
18.Galop 8 measures slow
19.Galop 8 measures moderate
20.Galop 16 measures slow
21.Galop 16 measures moderate
22.Galop 32 measures slow
23.Galop 32 measures moderate
24.Galop Full á Tempo
25.Mazurka 16 measures slow
26.Mazurka 16 measures moderate
27.Mazurka 32 measures slow
28.Mazurka 32 measures moderate
29.Mazurka Full á Tempo

David Shepard

Music: Tracks 1-5
La Bayadera by Ludwig Minkus
Quick Galop: Traditional
Polka : Coppelia by Léo Delibes
Rainbow Schottische; Traditional
Mazurka by Frédéric Francois.Chopin

Music: Trecks 6-27
The United States Grand Waltz Op. 43
by Charles Grobe
The Village Bells by Stephen Foster
Kangaroo Galop by Jesse Williams
Mazurka Op. 21 by Camille Saint-Saëns

Producer: Dancetime Publications