How To Dance Through Time, Volume V

Victorian Era Couple Dances

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Volume V of the How to Dance Through Time series teaches exciting variations on the basic Waltz, Polka, Galop (Gallop), and Mazurka. The Victorian Era’s themes of freedom and revelry were manifest in the ballroom; dancers celebrated the tradition of classic dances by adding new embellishments. Volume V: Victorian Era Couple Dances introduces 24 versions of the classic dances learned in Volume I: the Waltz, Polka, Galop (Gallop), and Mazurka. A kaleidoscope of variations, this video teaches viewers how to add fun and improvisational sequences to these romantic dances.In Victorian times, the Waltz burgeoned with multiple new turning patterns; the Polka developed whimsical, hopping variations; the Galop chassed to a new level of expertise; and the Mazurka blossomed into virtuosic displays of skillfulness. Most people who buy this DVD also buy the Companion CD. Learn the basics first! Master the mid-19th century, beginner’s versions of the Waltz, Polka, Galop, and Mazurka on How To Dance Through Time, Volume I: Mid-19th Century Couple Dances. With 40 years of experience teaching and performing dance, Carol Téten provides clear instructions and entertaining context.

DVD run-time: 54 minutes

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Anyone with an interest in social history and culture will greatly enjoy these glimpses into the past. Library Journal
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As with all videos in the How to Dance Through Time series, the dances in Volume V are introduced with a concise, historical overview and illustrated with authentic photographs and drawings. The steps were carefully researched from period manuscripts and are recreations of historical dances. Close up and slow motion views make learning the moves simple and fun.

Dance historian and choreographer Carol Téten is an engaging presence in the series, providing historical context and calling out dance instructions as professional dancers demonstrate. Following each instructional section, dancers from the Dance Through Time company perform with authentic music and fashions of the era.

Program: Volume V: Victorian Era Couples Dances

Carol Téten

Lawrence Ewing
Sonia Fava

David Shepard




The United States Grand Waltz Op. 43 by Charles Grobe
The Village Bells by Stephen Foster
Kangaroo Galop by Jesse Williams
Mazurka Op. 21 by Camille Saint-Saëns


Waltz-changing directions
Diagonal Waltz
The Skaters Waltz
Military Times
Double Glide Waltz
Polka Dot Waltz
The Aeroplane Glide


Glide polka
La Esmeralda
The Portland
The Berlin
Polka Militaire
The Ruchter
Baby Polka


Wave Galop
Polish Galop
Le Galop a pas Saute
The Puritan (the Calm, the Fluke, the Gale)


Pas de Basque
Mazurka hop
Pas Battu
Pas boiteux/tour boiteux
Gitana Waltz
Tour sur place

Most people who buy this DVD also buy the Companion CD.

VOLUME I & V: Mid-19th Century Dances(I) Victorian Era Dances (V)


6 DVD Set  – HOW TO DANCE THROUGH TIME: Volumes 1 – 6 


Social dance, history, technique, and researched choreography all come together in Dancetime Publications’ latest videos… an ideal addition to any traditional ballroom dancer’s video collection. Dancing U.S.A.

Through well organized instruction, professional cinematography, sumptuous period costumes, and the cheerfully stentorian narration of Dance through Time founder Carol Téten, they provide an unexpectedly engaging look at dance forms of times past. Dance Teacher Now

These instructional videos will be invaluable to choreographers who create dances for period films or for cotillions and charity balls. They preserve the art form and provide the story of the cultural phenomenon, thus making a perfect addition to dance, design, and anthropological libraries. Dance On Camera Journal

he organization of the material in each of these sets is first to go over each step of a dance several times in different tempos, from different angles, and with full explanations by the creator and head of the company, Carol Téten. You can watch, then skip back and try the steps yourself as you watch a second time, and over and over until you have it down pat. Brattleboro Reformer, Keene, N.H.

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