How To Dance Through Time, Volume II

Dances of the Ragtime Era

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In the second volume of How to Dance Through Time, learn the decade’s sophisticated ballroom dances like the Castle Walk, Tango, Maxixe, and Hesitation Waltz. In the same period, a younger generation of Americans spurred the exuberance of the Ragtime Era. Acquaint yourself with syncopated beats, and learn their Animal Dances! Saddle up for the Fox Trot, Horse Trot, Kangaroo Hop, Duck Waddle, Squirrel, Chicken Scratch, Turkey Trot, and Grizzly Bear.Volume II of the How to Dance Through Time series brims over with instructions and demonstrations of 44 fun, catchy steps. Enjoy the nostalgic reincarnation of the dreamlike Hesitation Waltz. Discover how an American couple, Mr. and Mrs. Castle, brought dignity back to American social dance and learn their Castle Walk. Experience how South American dances were imbued with American style, creating a sizzling Tango and a sensuous Maxixe. Practice these ballroom favorites as well as the decade’s playful Animal Dances. You’ll also learn about the music and social scenes of the early 20th century with this splendid instructional video.

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With 40 years of experience teaching and performing dance, Carol Téten provides clear instructions and entertaining context. Professional dancers demonstrate, following her lead. 50 minutes.
DVD run-time: 50 minutes

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Even after more than a decade of practicing Ragtime Dance, we found new material here and intend to share it with our students. Folk Dance Scene
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As with all videos in the How to Dance Through Time series, the dances in Volume II are introduced with a concise, historical overview and illustrated with authentic photographs and drawings. The steps were carefully researched from period manuscripts and are close representations of historical dance. Close up and slow motion views make learning the moves simple and fun.

Dance historian and choreographer Carol Téten is an engaging presence in the series, providing historical context and calling out dance instructions as professional dancers demonstrate. Following each instructional section, dancers from the Dance Through Time company perform with authentic music and fashions of the era.

Program: Volume II: The Ragtime Era

Carol Téten

Lawrence Ewing
Sonia Fava

David Shepard


Animal Dances
Castle Walk
Hesitation Waltz


Chasing The Chickens by Raymond Walker & Abe Olman; 1917
The Castle Walk by James Reese Europe & Fred Dubney; 1912
The Hippodrome Tango by Manuel Klein; 1913
The Maurice Mattchiche by L. Dugue & E. Costa; 1913
Hesitation Waltz by McNair Ilgenfritz;1914


The Steps
The Fox Trot
The Horse Trot
The Horse Canter
The Squirrel
The Duck Waddle
The Turkey Trot
The Snake
The Kangaroo Hop
The Chicken Scratch
The Grizzly Bear


The Steps
The Castle Walk
The Step Out
The Difficult Step Out
One Step Cortez
Castle Spin
Pony Step
Zig Zag
The Wind Up


The Steps
Pas Oriental á Gauche
Pas Oriental á Droit
The flicking figure
Tango Change position
Fan Tango
Scissors (The Tango innovation)
The Catch Step
El Ruedo
The Corkscrew
Corté (end)


The Steps
The Two Step
The Single Step
The Skating position
The Back Up
Les á cote
The Fan (Repeat all)


The Steps
The Hesitation
The Lame Duck
Hesitation with Waltz
The Hesitation in Skating position
The Hesitation in Yale position
The Eight Step
The Stately

Most people who buy this DVD also buy the Companion CD.

HOW TO DANCE THROUGH TIME: VOLUME II; Dances of the Ragtime Era: 1910-1920


6 DVD Set  – HOW TO DANCE THROUGH TIME: Volumes 1 – 6 


Elegantly produced, with authentic music and fashions of the era, this title will be a popular addition to instructional dance collections. Library Journal

Each style of dance is prefaced by a truly illuminating educational section wherein the sociological and historical significance of each is explained, buttressed by period photographs and drawings … each of the combinations is shown in real time, first in full-body view, then in a close-up on the feet. Video Librarian

These instructional videos will be invaluable to choreographers who create dances for period films or for cotillions and charity balls. They preserve the art form and provide the story of the cultural phenomenon, thus making a perfect addition to dance, design, and anthropological libraries. Dance On Camera Journal

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