How To Dance Through Time, Volume II, Music CD

How To Dance Through Time, Volume II, Music CD

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Music CD – How To Dance Through Time Volume II: Dances of the Ragtime Era, 1910-1920

Volume II of How To Dance Through Time teaches the dances of the Ragtime Era. Syncopated beats abound in this music to accompany Animal Dances and Ragtime’s classic ballroom styles. To aid your practice, each track is repeated twice, once with a slower tempo.

CD run-time: 17 minutes 30 seconds
This CD contains the follow tracks in slow and traditional tempo versions:

1. Animal Dances
2. Castle Walk
3. Tango
4. Maxixe
5. Hesitation Waltz

Each track is repeated two times and in two different tempi.

Pianist: David Shepard


Chasing The Chickens
by Raymond Walker & Abe Olman; 1917

The Castle Walk
by James Reese Europe & Fred Dubney; 1912

The Hippodrome Tango
by Manuel Klein; 1913

The Maurice Mattchiche by L. Dugue & E. Costa; 1913

Hesitation Waltz
by McNair Ilgenfritz;1914

Producer: Dancetime Publications