How To Dance Through Time: 6 DVD Set

How to Dance Through Time: 6 DVD Set
Price: $229.70
This 6 DVD set includes:
Volume I: The Romance Of Mid-19th Century Couple Dances
Volume II: Dances Of The Ragtime Era 1910-1920
Volume III: The Majesty of Renaissance Dance
Volume IV: The Elegance of Baroque Social Dance
Volume V: Victorian Era Couple Dances
Volume VI: A 19th Century Ball: The Charm of Group Dances

DVDs in the How to Dance Through Time series are video tutorials for dances from the Renaissance to Ragtime Eras, including the Quadrille, the Waltz, French Baroque dances, and 19th century Ballroom dances. Each dance is introduced with a concise, historical overview and illustrated with authentic photographs and drawings. The steps were carefully researched from period manuscripts and are careful representations of historical dance. Close up and slow motion views make learning the moves simple and fun.

Most people who buy How to Dance Through Time DVDs also buy the Companion CDs.

With 40 years of experience teaching and performing dance, Carol Téten provides context and gives simple instructions to dance beginners. Professional dancers demonstrate, following her lead.

Run-time: 4 hours and 51 minutes on 6 DVDs


Each of these 45 minute splendidly presented videos easily permit the viewers to achieve competency and fluency in these period dances and are highly recommended additions to personal, professional, dance school, public Library, academic, and community theatre video reference collections. The Midwest Book Review

Very explicit and detailed instructions for each step and dance. Each step is shown front and back, fast and slow, without and with music. The steps are then built into entire dances. Finally the completed dances are shown in full with authentic period costuming and music. These tapes will be of primary interest to instructional dance collections and those concerned with dance and social history. Anyone with an interest in social history and culture will greatly enjoy these glimpses into the past. Library Journal

These instructional videos will be invaluable to choreographers who create dances for period films or for cotillions and charity balls. They preserve the art form and provide the story of the cultural phenomenon, thus making a perfect addition to dance, design, and anthropological libraries. Dance On Camera Journal

Social dance, history, technique, and researched choreography all come together in Dancetime Publications’ latest videos….this ideal addition to any traditional ballroom dancer’s video collection. Dancing U.S.A.

In fact, through well organized instruction, professional cinematography, sumptuous period costumes, and the cheerfully stentorian narration of Dance through Time founder Carol Téten, they provide an unexpectedly engaging look of dance forms of times past. Dance Teacher Now

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