History and Concept of Hip-Hop Dance

The Street Culture That Became a Global Expression

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This exciting documentary explores the history and scope of the Hip-Hop dance style. The movement is also studied as a global marketing phenomenon: despite its popularity, Hip-Hop struggles to define its historical lineage, concept, origins, aesthetics, and generational acceptance. This DVD illuminates these issues by featuring opinions from Hip-Hop dance pioneers, such as the renowned Rennie Harris. History and Concept of Hip-Hop Dance: The Street Culture That Became a Global Expression delves into the world-renowned dance style. Discover how it was first introduced to mainstream America in the early 1970s as breakdancing (or b-boying); learn how Hip-Hop has evolved and where it’s headed.

A documentary conceived and directed by Moncell Durden.

DVD run-time: 43 minutes

Moncell Durden’s History and Concept of Hip-Hop Dance uses a variety of voices to talk about Hip-Hop’s origins and worldwide spread, its steps, and the complex questions of “ownership” of both its art and social forms. The film takes us from Durden, Rennie Harris, and early b-boys to choreographers, teachers, and dancers around the United States and Europe, who provide a wide variety of articulate views on what Hip-hop is and should be. Ballet Review
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In the 1980s, talented dancers with athletic prowess performed the predecessors of modern Hip-Hop dance in a variety of party dances like the Wop, Cabbage-Patch, and Running-Man. These and many others enabled a larger community of dancers to get in on the fun—those who lacked the athletic ability of a b-boy could participate in this creative dance movement set to rap music. Today, the Hip-Hop dance movement is embodied in many surprising forms, as portrayed in this DVD.

The History and Concept of Hip-Hop Dance begins an academic conversation about understanding, appreciating, and communicating about the Hip-Hop dance style. It also addresses the most important elements of Hip-Hop, such as language, movement, and music. This documentary helps the viewer appreciate how Afro-Latin aesthetic qualities become a popular global art form.

Director Moncell Durden has been immersed in the Hip-Hop dance styles throughout his life. Trained by the Electric Boogaloos, the Lockers, and the hip-hop dance crew, Elite Force, he has spent over eight years performing with Rennie Harris Puremovement. Moncell is an adjunct professor at Pennsylvania’s Drexel University, and has lectured about the history and dance styles of Hip-Hop in America, South America, Europe, and Asia for the past 10 years.

Moncell Durden

Daniel Catanach

Moncell “ill Kozby” Durden
Rennie Harris
Adesola Osakalumi
Joao Assuncao
Henry “Link” McMillion
Bradford Rahmlow
Leo “Hollow Dreamz”
Jessie Santos
Shachon “ConWay” Kasey
James “Cricket” Colter
Terry Wright
Delvin Grimes
Takeshi Yamamura
Emilio Austin

3 DVD Set – African American Dance Influences: Streets to Stage


If you’re hip-hop fan or have recently started taking hip-hop dance classes, you might want to check out History and Concept of Hip-Hop Dance. This short documentary, conceived and directed by Moncell Durden, a Philadelphia-based choreographer, dancer and dance historian, is a crash course into the world of hip-hop. Using footage ranging from the early hip-hop scene to current hip-hop culture, and interviews with dancers—including thoughtful commentary from hip-hop guru Rennie Harris—the movie touches on some of the most important (and controversial) aspects of hip-hop: its definition, artistic components, and, of course, the issue of authenticity… the discussion presented, along with the captivating dance footage, provides plenty for curious hip-hop fans to enjoy. Dance Spirit Blog

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