Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance, Volume II

20th Century

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Volume II of Dancetime DVD! takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of American social dance in the 20th century. Watch as each innovative dance explodes onto the scene, reflecting the decades of the 1900s. As people and ideas began to travel more quickly, dance styles and fads were born, popularized, and transformed.On this DVD, see authentic recreations of the elegant Castle Walk, spunky Charleston and Black Bottom, desperate Dance Marathons, acrobatic Jitterbug, rebellious Breakdancing, startlingly innovative Hip-Hop, and others.In character and period costumes, the dancers introduce each decade of the 1900s through song. Experience the moves and attitudes of vivacious flapper girls, partners in a dramatic and charged rendition of the Apache, and disco dancers showing off their routines. As the century draws to a close, watch the improvisations of hippies, b-boys, vogue dancers, and more.

Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance, Volume II captures a performance by Carol Téten’s Dance Through Time company and their 45 minute survey of 20th century dances.

DVD run-time: 45 minutes

Dancetime DVD! is a triple treat, appealing to scholars, ballroom aficionados and choreographers. Dancing U.S.A.
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Program: VOLUME II: 20th Century

Sonia Fava
Corinne Levy
Tatiana A’. Virmond
Megan Watt
James Brosnahan
Lawrence Ewing
Mario Marchiaro
Eric Wolfram
Carolyn Carvajal
Douglas Magpiong


Animal Dances
Castle Walk

Black Bottom

Movie Musical
Big Apple


Rock n’ Roll



Break Dancing

Hip Hop
Country Western


Everybody’s Doin’ It Now
Weeping Willow Rag, The Castle Walk
Le Papillon
El Choclo

Black Bottom
The Charleston

Shine on Harvest Moon
Let’s Face the Music and Dance
The Big Apple:
Sing Sing Sing:

Moonlight Serenade, Perfidia
In the Mood

The Great Pretender, Only You, Jailhouse Rock, At The Hop

The Wanderer, Surf Jam, The Twist, Wipe Out, Do You Love Me
I Saw Her Standing There

You Should Be Dancing, Disco Inferno, YMCA

Good Times, Rockit
Head Banging
Billie Jean

Everybody Dance Now
Come a Little Closer, Callin’ Baton Rouge, Dance

The details of each dance in the Dancetime DVD! set, including choreography, costumes, and music, are the culmination of extensive academic research. The videos not only include remarkable views of historically significant dances; they contain features that please the most demanding historian as well as the casual dance enthusiast. Using subtitle settings, users can display optional text that provides historical context and identifies each dance move. The dances are divided into DVD chapters, allowing precise navigation through the video. Features include:

  • 500 Years of Social Dance Styles, reflecting the changing cultural relationships between men and women
  • 100 Period Fashions
  • 60 Selections of Popular Music
  • 426 Original Text Documents
  • 221 Film References
  • 34 Living History Citations
  • Historical Origins of the Dances
  • Cultural Timeline, linking dances with events
  • Biography of the dance company and the artists
  • DVD-ROM content: printable references and bibliography
SEE THE DANCE! Enjoy performances of
trained professionals.Dance only
Dancetime DVD See the Dance
Dancetime DVD Select the Step SELECT THE STEP! Examine the dance and
written text simultaneously.Dance plus text
STUDY THE TEXT! Discover the historical, social,
and instructional content.Text only
Dancetime DVD Study the Text
  • DISPLAY instructional text and dance video separately or simultaneously
  • Choose to SEE the dance performances of trained professionals, as edutainment
  • EXAMINE the dance and written instructional text simultaneously
  • STUDY the historical, social, and instructional text as a DV-ROM
  • View in SLOW MOTION



2 DVD Set –  CULTURAL DANCE HISTORY: Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance, Vol. I & II

2 DVD Set – 20TH CENTURY AMERICAN DANCE: Dancetime DVD! Vol. II, America Dances! 1897-1948


Elegantly produced, with authentic music and fashions of the era, this title will be a popular addition to instructional dance collections. Library Journal

Even after more than a decade of practicing Ragtime Dance, we found new material here and intend to share it with our students. Folk Dance Scene

Each style of dance is prefaced by a truly illuminating educational section wherein the sociological and historical significance of each is explained, buttressed by period photographs and drawings … each of the combinations is shown in real time, first in full-body view, then in a close-up on the feet. Video Librarian

These instructional videos will be invaluable to choreographers who create dances for period films or for cotillions and charity balls. They preserve the art form and provide the story of the cultural phenomenon, thus making a perfect addition to dance, design, and anthropological libraries. Dance On Camera Journal

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