Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance, Volume I

15th – 19th Centuries

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Volume I of Dancetime DVD! dances through four centuries of Western social dance history. Authentic recreations of the dances teach the viewer about socializing and romance in past times. Explore the revelry of the Renaissance, the elegance of the Baroque style, and the charm of Regency Country Dances.Watch as the Regency era’s scandalous Waltz grew into the exuberant, swirling dances of the Romantic era, and were later refined into codified and precise Victorian couple dances.Volume I showcases a compelling, entertaining, and illuminating recreation of 400 years of dance. In period costumes, the talented dancers introduce historical context with short songs and swirl through tales of romance both regal and provincial. Observe the fascinating evolution of social dance as steps are recreated. Dancetime Volume I surveys the course of Western dance history, imparting the viewer with wide-ranging information and impressions of social dance throughout the times. Explore how many social dance styles migrated from Europe to America, such as Italian Renaissance formalism, French Baroque classicism, and 19th century Romanticism. Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance, Volume I captures a performance by Carol Téten’s Dance Through Time company and their survey of 15th – 19th century dances.

DVD run-time: 45 minutes

Bonus features—such as added options of simultaneous instructive text diagrams and descriptions that truly take advantage of DVDs expanded capabilities. Video Librarian
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Program: VOLUME I: 15th– 19thCenturies

Sonia Fava
Corinne Levy
Tatiana A’. Virmond
Megan Watt
James Brosnahan
Lawrence Ewing
Mario Marchiaro
Eric Wolfram
Carolyn Carvajal
Douglas Magpiong


Early Renaissance: 15th Century

Late Renaissance: 16th Century
So Ben Mi Chi Ha Bon Tempo
La Volta

Baroque: 18th Century
Folies d’Espagne

Regency: Early 19th Century
Country Dances

Romantic: Mid 19th Century
Durang’s Hornpipe

Victorian: Late 19th Century
Waltz Cotillion


Attaingnant :Au Pres De Vous
Anon. A Florence/Helas laFille/En MaChambre.

Hassler: Entree 1
Negri : So Ben Mi Chi Ha Bon Tempo
Praetorius: La Volta
Franck: Galliarde

Campra: Passepied
Lully: Menuet:
Telemann: Ballo
Vivaldi:La Follia

Schubert: Dance No. 2 in G Major
Beethoven:12 Contradances

Lanner: Abendstere Walzer
Strauss: Die Fledermaus
Durang: Durang’s Hornpipe

Strauss II: Pizzacata Polka
Strauss II: Tritch-Tratch Polka
Offenbach: Mazurka:
Offenbach: Can Can:
Strauss II: The Emperor Waltz

The details of each dance in the Dancetime DVD! set, including choreography, costumes, and music, are the culmination of extensive academic research. The videos not only include remarkable views of historically significant dances; they contain features that please the most demanding historian as well as the casual dance enthusiast. Using subtitle settings, users can display optional text that provides historical context and identifies each dance move. The dances are divided into DVD chapters, allowing precise navigation through the video. Features include:

  • 500 Years of Social Dance Styles, reflecting the changing cultural relationships between men and women
  • 100 Period Fashions
  • 60 Selections of Popular Music
  • 426 Original Text Documents
  • 221 Film References
  • 34 Living History Citations
  • Historical Origins of the Dances
  • Cultural Timeline, linking dances with events
  • Biography of the dance company and the artists
  • DVD-ROM content: printable references and bibliography
SEE THE DANCE! Enjoy performances of
trained professionals.Dance only
Dancetime DVD See the Dance
Dancetime DVD Select the Step SELECT THE STEP! Examine the dance and
written text simultaneously.Dance plus text
STUDY THE TEXT! Discover the historical, social,
and instructional content.Text only
Dancetime DVD Study the Text
  • DISPLAY instructional text and dance video separately or simultaneously
  • Choose to SEE the dance performances of trained professionals, as edutainment
  • EXAMINE the dance and written instructional text simultaneously
  • STUDY the historical, social, and instructional text as a DV-ROM
  • View in SLOW MOTION



2 DVD Set – CULTURAL DANCE HISTORY: Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance, Vol. I & II

2 DVD Set – 20TH CENTURY AMERICAN DANCE: Dancetime DVD! Vol. II, America Dances! 1897-1948


Performances of 38 dances by the Dance Through Time troupe (in costume) trace history, fashion and romance from European royal courts in the early 15th century to disco and hip-hop. Interesting costumes and delightful musical selections as well as facts to please those who enjoy information concerning history, social studies, cultures, and costumes, dance and music. The Washington Post

Entertainment and Education are blended with great style in a new two-volume video. Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance takes us from Renaissance Court Dances to 1990s rap and MTV styles… each of the social dances has been scrupulously researched but there is nothing stuffy about the presentation. The wonderful performers race us through 500 years of changes in the ways that people have related to each other on the dance floor. Helpful subtitles give us background on what we are seeing, but most viewers will probably be too busy watching the highly skilled dancers to read the titles during a first viewing. Connecticut Post

Performed beautifully by the Dance Through Time dancers, each of these 45 minute DVDs span the entire recorded span and spectrum of Western dance… Taken together, these two superbly produced, performed, presented, and recorded DVDs comprise a complete course in Western dance and would be a welcome addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library collections. Library Bookwatch Official Newsletter of The Midwest Book Review

This DVD has many special features and is a wealth of information on the 20th century of Social Dance. In the Special Features selection you can learn the Dance Descriptions, Timelines, Bibliography, Credits, Instructional Text and a Preview of Volume I. On a computer, you can access a Timeline or Bibliography that gives you more in depth information. You can dive into the text portion of the DVD either with the video or with just the text being displayed. The text is very informative. All the steps are explained in detail. There is just a ton of information on so many 20th century dances in this volume. Dance enthusiasts and history buffs will love it. Dancetime Publications did a marvelous job of putting this DVD together. Dove Foundation Executive Director

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