Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance: 2 DVD Set

Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance: 2 DVD Set

Price: $89.90

This two DVD set includes:
Volume I: 15th to 19th Centuries
Volume II: 20th Century

This remarkable two-DVD set whisks the viewer through five centuries of Western social dance with a tour de force performance by the Dance Through Time company. The first volume surveys the 15th – 19th centuries, with performances of the Regency, Romantic, and Victorian Eras; watch as classic ballroom dances evolved and dancers moved closer together in couple dances. The second volume explores each decade of the 20th century, when dozens of new and creative dances reflected the social and cultural times.

Dancetime DVD! 500 Years of Social Dance, Volumes I & II capture performances by Carol Téten’s Dance Through Time Company and their survey of 15th – 20th century dances.

Run-time: 1 hour and 30 minutes on 2 DVDs


Performances by the Dance Through Time troupe (in costume) trace history, fashion and romance from European royal courts in the early 15th century to disco and hip-hop.  The New York Times

Dances with interesting costumes and delightful musical selections as well as facts to please those who enjoy information concerning history, social studies, cultures, and costumes, dance and music. The Washington Post

Dancetime DVD! is a triple treat, appealing to scholars, ballroom aficionados and choreographers. Dancing U.S.A.

Dance historian and choreographer Carol Téten takes us on an educational and entertaining tour of dance through the ages. Dancers introduce centuries and styles with arch versification that reveals the soul of each dance (the minuet is formal and quaint, the sarabande is provocative)… The dances themselves follow, performed with authentic choreography by couples or groups on a lighted stage. The dancers… are splendidly costumed as befits each period, from perukes and beauty spots to poodle skirts to mohawks…Highly recommended for libraries with collections in history, dance, music, or costume. Library Journal

Bonus features-such as added options of simultaneous instructive text diagrams and descriptions that truly take advantage of DVDs expanded capabilities. Video Librarian