African American Dance Influences: Community to Stage

African American Dance Influences: Community to Stage
Price: $129.85

This 3 DVD Set includes:
DANCING THE BIG APPLE 1937: African Americans Inspire a National Craze
HISTORY & CONCEPT OF HIP HOP DANCE: The Street Culture that became a Global Expression
TAP DANCE HISTORY: From Vaudeville to Film

This suiteĀ  of DVDs provide a very illuminating window to the importance of African American dance traditions in the American culture. The dance, THE BIG APPLE, started from simple roots in the South and grew into a powerful force and expression of a pivotal era in American history. HIP HOP dance was first influenced by Hispanics and African Americans. Starting as an explosive street expression, it has become the bedrock of vibrant creativity for the current generation. TAP DANCE has its American roots in slavery, and was brought to the stage by some astounding talents. Today, it is a revered form of dance for the stage.

Run-time: 2 hours 8 minutes on 3 DVDs

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