A Baroque Portfolio

A Baroque Portfolio

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This DVD presents an archived 1991 performance, intended for research purposes, by Carol Téten’s Dance Through Time company. The dancers perform a survey of Baroque dances including Minuets, Allemandes, a Ballo, a Gigue, and much more in period costume. The performance draws from years of research from original sources and archives.

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Archival Video: 1991

A Dance Through Time Performance

Artistic Director: Carol Teten

Excerpts from DANCETIME

Folie d’Espagne

Music Source


Dance Source
Morris Bobrow, 1993

Feuillet 1706, 1710
Feuillet, 1700

Basic Social Dances
MinuetAllemande MaraisCampra Tomlinson, 1735Guillaume, 1769
*Dance for Musical Forms
Entrée Lully Feuillet, 1706
Tomlinson, 1718
Isaac, 1714
l’Abbé, 1728
Gavot l’Abbé, 1716
Minuet Pemberton, 1711
Allemande Telemann Pécour, 1702
Ballo Feuillet, 1706
Gigue l’Abbé, 1738
Allemande l’Abbé, 1738
Sarabande Purcell Pécour, 1704
Cebelle Pemberton, 1711
*Les Petits Riens
No. 1 IntroductionNo. 2 Passepied
No. 4 Pastourelle
No. 5 Musette
No. 6 Minuet
No. 7 Largo
No. 8 Gavotte
No. 9 Pantomime
No.10 Bourrée
No.11 Gavotte
No.12 Pavanne
No.13 Tricote
No.14 GavotteGracieuse
No.15 Pantomime
No.16 Allemande
No.17 Passepied No.19 Andante
No.20 Gigue/Contredanse

*Magnificat Orchestra

Video: 47 minutes

Mozart Pécour, 1712 Pécour, 1700
Pécour, 1712
Pécour, 1716
Lambranzi, 1716
Pemberton, 1711
Pemberton, 1711
No Documents
Groscort, 1711
No Documents
Pécour, 1704
Pemberton, 1711
Pécour, 1700
Malpied, 1770 Rousseau, 1738
Guillaume, 1769
Pemberton, 1711
Pécour, 1706
Rameau, 1723 Pécour, 1712
Magny, 1765

This is an archival performance video, available for research purposes only.

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