A 19th-Century Romance

A 19th Century Romance

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This DVD presents an archived 1990 performance, for research purposes, by Carol Téten’s Dance Through Time company. Dancers perform couple and group ballroom dances from the Regency, Romantic, and Victorian Eras, including versions of the Waltz, Polka, and Quadrille in period costume. The performance draws from years of research from original sources and archives.

This archival item is only available through special order; please allow five extra days for preparation.

Following a brief history each dance is presented by the dancers, who are shown performing from several camera angles at various speeds. This is a solid introduction to the easy dances and a much appreciated effort to preserve those ballroom glory days. Video Librarian
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Archival Video: 1990

A Dance Through Time Performance

Artistic Director: Carol Teten


Regency Era
Sentimental Waltz, op. 50
Contradance No.1
The First Quadrille
Durang’s Hornpipe
Romantic Era
Hofball-Tanze Waltz, op. 161
Lancers Quadrille
Empire Quadrille
Mazurka Quadrille
Thunder and Lightning Polka
Fanny Elssler’s Cachucha
Victorian Era
Estudiantina Waltz, op. 191
Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, op. 214
Bella Polka-Mazurka, op. 113
Galop, Orpheus in the Underworld
The Cotillion Emperor Waltz, op. 437


This is an archival performance video, available for research purposes only.

For broader information, see Dancetime DVD! Volume IHow To Dance Through Time!, and America Dances!

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Provides an intriguing glimpse into the social world of [the 19th century] era. Each dance is preceded by a historical overview, with original lithographs from the period and entertaining commentary by Téten. We learn, for example, that the art of turning reflected elements of the Industrial Revolution, such as the ‘spinning Jenny,’ and that the Mazurka was a dance of majesty, unreservedness, and allurement. Adequately primed for the tension and intrigue of the 19th-century ballroom, the student is then carefully guided through the basic steps. This well produced and entertaining video is highly recommended. Library Journal

The Waltz, Polka, Schottische, Galop, and Mazurka–your students may have heard or even played examples of these forms, but can they dance to them? A recent video, How to Dance Through Time: Volume I-The Romance of Mid-19th Century Couple Dances, can show them all the steps. This historically accurate introduction to these varied dances draws on period manuscripts and music composed specifically for dancing by Chopin, Liszt, and their contemporaries. Teacher’s Market

A dance teacher with a shine for cultural history provides step-by-step guidance on the graceful couples’ dances that set the tone in ballrooms during the previous century. Couples demonstrate everything from the gentleman’s bow to the final twirl, with detailed views of dancers’ feet in slow motion…Just as enlightening as the instruction is the running commentary on the many ways the dances reflected the times in which they were created. This tape is as close to a trip back to the mid-century as most dance enthusiasts are likely to get. Billboard

Each dance segment is introduced by a brief presentation of fascinating historical information accompanied by the romantic music of the past associated with each particular mode of dance. Also highly recommended are ‘Dancetime Publications’ two volume video set, Dancetime DVD!: 500 Years of Social Dance. The Midwest Book Review Wisconsin Bookwatch

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