What Is: How to Dance Through Time, vol. IV – The Elegance of Baroque Social Dance


The fourth volume of the How to Dance Through Time series teaches the famously patterned dance steps from the French Baroque courts and countryside. These forms are the precursor to ballet and ballroom dance.

Learn the Minuet, danced as a romantic courtship ritual and the intricate Allemande, known for its kaleidoscope of handholds.

Next, take a respite from the more formal steps and try the Contradance (Country Dance), and easy line dance that lets dancers frolic at the end of a Baroque period balls. Follow Carol Téten’s Dance Through Time dance company as they recreate the most influential social dances of the French Baroque Court. The most famous of 18th century dances the Minuet’s patterned steps are delineated on the dance floor for the clear viewing. The Allemande’s complex and picturesque series of handholds are carefully depicted and viewers learn of this dances’ role in the transition dancing separately to dancing together in an embrace. Eight dancers demonstrate the Contradance’s recognizable line dance pattern.

The film also illustrates French Baroque culture through dance, such as how courtiers learned the townspeople’s dances on official visits to the countryside, brought the steps back with them to the courts and incorporated various changes. With 40 years of experience teaching and performing dance, Carol Téten provides clear instructions and entertaining context.

To read more about the film and get a behind the scenes look, stay tuned!

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