[INFOGRAPHIC] Ballet Influence on Social Media

In our day and age, just about everyone has a social media account. Or two. Or three or more. For many of us, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc… came of age during our adulthood. For others, these platforms were born not long after we were. Regardless, most of us use social media to connect and communicate with others, engage with communities, share photos, posts, info and find out what’s trending or the latest in the news.

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Ever wonder the influence or impact we have on social media or what influence or impact it has on us? On areas of industry? Art, fashion, sports, technology, politics, religion and spirituality, diversity, parenthood … dance? I decided to do some investigating of my own and check out those very amazing ballet companies with many twitter followers and the number of tweets, the Twitter lists they belong to and other data I could find about the influence of Ballet on Twitter.

This is only the beginning of my series, (did I mention how much I love data) so do stay tuned for more. Check out this infographic I created below! The stats are pretty cool.


Ballet Influence on Twitter by Yauri Dalencour.

Ballet Influence on Twitter by Yauri Dalencour.

About Yauri Dalencour

Yauri is a professional dancer, dance archivist and educator. She has run an arts education consultancy she founded almost ten years ago and is now head of product and brand ambassador at Dancetime Publications. Yauri’s forte as a dance journalist is writing short insightful and reflective posts as well as featured articles featuring guests and experts.

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