In Three Sentences Can You #TheorizeThis?

Theorize what you see in three sentences or less in the comments section below!

Look out for ongoing posts here on our site, on our Facebook page and on Twitter of dance clips, dance photos and clips about the power of dance, and what it means to you! We’d love to hear from you!

We’ll be featuring the most interesting theories and opinions on our FaceBook page and on Twitter as well as write ups of insightful theories directly on the Dance Culture Editorial. Participants enter for a chance to win access to our site’s early streaming service and our upcoming films!

Don’t forget to include the hashtag #TheorizeThis as well as your Twitter or Instagram handles if you have one so we can share what you have to say! 

#TheorizeThis – #0001 – April 2, 2016

About Yauri Dalencour

Yauri is a professional dancer, dance archivist and educator. She has run an arts education consultancy she founded almost ten years ago and is now head of product and brand ambassador at Dancetime Publications. Yauri’s forte as a dance journalist is writing short insightful and reflective posts as well as featured articles featuring guests and experts.

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