In the Studio with Yauri: Andrew Nemr, Co-Founder of The Tap Legacy Foundation & Narrator of our film, “Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film”

Andrew Nemr. TED Fellows Retreat 2015, August 26-30, 2015, Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California. Photo: Bret Hartman/TED

Andrew Nemr. TED Fellows Retreat 2015, August 26-30, 2015, Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California. Photo: Bret Hartman/TED

In our second, In the Studio with Yauri installment, I had an opportunity to sit down with Andrew Nemr, tap dance artist and one of the researchers and the narrator of our film, Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film which debuted in the month of June as one of our first streaming options on our Dancetime Publications’ site.

In this issue of In Studio with Yauri we feature Mr. Nemr with an in depth look into his life and work in tap dance. Some of Mr. Nemr’s other well-known credits include his work on recording the album David Eggar Kingston Morning, which was nominated for a Grammy, his direction of Cats Paying Dues also co-founded by The Tap Legacy™ Foundation, Inc ( his work with Nat Adderley Jr., and residency at Quarterly Arts Soiree at Webster Hall as an Artist-in-Residence. Mr. Nemr is also a TED Fellow, recipient of an NEA Masterpieces: Dance Initiative Grant to reconstruct the works of classic tap dance soloists and has won critical and popular acclaim for his presentation of Echoes in Time.

The Tap Legacy™ Foundation – currently under heavy development – is a digital archive platform founded by both himself and the late and highly famed tap dancer, Gregory Hines. The digital archives designs various programs including exhibitions, Jimmy Slyde Scholarships and the Dr. Henry Lang Fund to preserve, support and promote the rich oral tradition of tap dance with a mission to preserve and advance the art of tap dance altogether. Mr. Nemr sheds light on the project giving us an inside look into the platform, the efforts around the exciting endeavor and some insight into what is making something like this even possible today.

In addition to the, The Tap Legacy™ Foundation, in only a couple of weeks, Mr. Nemr is holding his annual tap summer intensive, Tap Dance Freedom in New York City. If you are thinking about attending the 2016 mid July intensive, you are in luck because registration is still open as we move into the month of July! Check out the vid below to learn more about Andrew Nemr’s Tap Dance Freedom and if you plan to attend this or any summer dance intensive, don’t forget to take peek at the summer dance essentials infographic I put together!


To learn more about Andrew Nemr’s projects stay tuned for his upcoming in depth series and until then, check out Mr. Nemr’s exceptional TedTalks which you can find below and don’t forget of course to check out Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film, now available on demand or purchase through DVD!

From the TED-Ed Original lessons which feature the words and ideas of educators, TED Fellow Andre Nemr shares A Tap Dancer’s Craft which has already garnered 57, 981 views:

A Tap Dancer’s Craft

“Tap dance, born out of the marriage of African and European dance traditions, went from extremely popular to barely existent to grand revival, all in under a century. Professional tap dancer and TED Fellow Andrew Nemr taps into the history of this truly American art form.” (

Living in Love

Published on YouTube in November 2013, “In the spirit of ideas worth spreading” Andrew Nemr shares Living in Love at Tedx Chemung River.


Dancing Around Defined Labels

Published on YouTube in October 2014, in Dancing Around Defined Labels Andrew Nemr analyses the power of labels and the impact they have on us – all while tap dancing at TedxCERN.


Published on YouTube in March 2013, Andrew Nemr presents Bailando Desde el Cara translation Dancing from the Heart at Tedx Pura Vida 2013.

Hope you have enjoyed all of that. Don’t forget, stay tuned!

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