Dancetime Publications’ Newest Film Release: Where We Danced & 3 Reasons Why You Should Check It Out

This winter, we are releasing our latest film, Where We Danced, directed by Brian “Lucky” Skillen and produced by 1881 Films. The project was originally released by the production company in 2011 and and Dancetime Publications has joined in on distributing the film, the first in its trilogy! Ahh, American Social Dance. Ever heard of […]

The Elegance of Baroque Social Dance in Our Time

As Dancetime Publications revisits some of their wonderful videos – providing a look at how dance has evolved and existed throughout time – I am inspired to continue and help facilitate the conversation regarding its role and relevance in our contemporary world. Carol Téten’s work in developing How to Dance Through Time Volume IV: The Elegance of Baroque Social Dance brings to the viewer an introduction to Baroque dance by focusing on the dance forms allemande, minuet, and contradance (country dance).

The New Dance Group: Transforming Individuals and Community

The New Dance Group was a pioneering force in dance field for over three quarters of a century, providing a haven for dance to flourish both recreationally and professionally through their school and through sponsoring performances. The group was founded in New York City by Miriam Blecher, Fanya Geltman, Edith Langbert, Edna Ocko, Rebecca Rosenberg, Pauline Schrifman, and Grace Wylie in 1932 during the Great Depression that followed the stock market crash of 1929.

In the Studio with Yauri: 3 Pieces of Advice from Dance Scholar & Professor of Dance Elizabeth McPherson

Sometimes when you get a good content idea, you just know it. This month, I sought out to interview movers and shakers in the field of dance who are by all means, living dance. Art and culture have their way of being one, and perhaps only a handful can easily speak this language through the […]

In the Studio with Yauri: Andrew Nemr, Co-Founder of The Tap Legacy Foundation & Narrator of our film, “Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film”

In our second In the Studio with Yauri installment, I had an opportunity to sit down with Andrew Nemr, tap dance artist and one of the researchers and the narrator for our film Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film which debuted in the month of June as one of our first streaming options on our Dancetime Publications’ site.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 4 Vital Elements for Reconstructing Right

Earlier in the year, just after I stepped on as Head of Product here at Dancetime Publications, I wrote a piece on dance archiving and touched a little bit on dance reconstruction in, Dancers and Dance Historians: 4 Clear Cut Ways to Help You Keep Dance Alive. I thought it would be cool to put […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Ballet Influence on Social Media

In our day and age, just about everyone has a social media account. Or two. Or three or more. For many of us, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc… came of age during our adulthood. For others, these platforms were born not long after we were. Regardless, most of us use social media to […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] What’s in your dance bag?

Basic Essentials Every Dancer Needs for a Summer Dance Intensive! I love myself a good intensive. This summer is my fourth summer living outside of New York City after living in the Big Apple for 14 years. With the exception of some summers spent in Italy and Spain dancing and studying abroad, a summer back […]

PREVIEW: Tap Dance History – From Vaudeville to Film

As we recently announced, we have launched streaming on the Dancetime Publications site! Our first streamable film Tap Dance History: from Vaudeville to Film, can be previewed and purchased for streaming access in the below video. To read more about the film and get a behind the scenes look, check out our following links! WHAT […]

INTRODUCING: Dancetime Publications’ June 2016 On-Demand Films!

As the new Head of Product at Dancetime Publications, I am happy to announce the launching of our streaming platform on the Dancetime Publications website! Over the next several months, we will be launching an Video On Demand experience for our customers. Each month we will share articles, videos, photos and other content about and […]