The Elegance of Baroque Social Dance in Our Time

As Dancetime Publications revisits some of their wonderful videos – providing a look at how dance has evolved and existed throughout time – I am inspired to continue and help facilitate the conversation regarding its role and relevance in our contemporary world. Carol Téten’s work in developing How to Dance Through Time Volume IV: The Elegance of Baroque Social Dance brings to the viewer an introduction to Baroque dance by focusing on the dance forms allemande, minuet, and contradance (country dance).

The New Dance Group: Transforming Individuals and Community

The New Dance Group was a pioneering force in dance field for over three quarters of a century, providing a haven for dance to flourish both recreationally and professionally through their school and through sponsoring performances. The group was founded in New York City by Miriam Blecher, Fanya Geltman, Edith Langbert, Edna Ocko, Rebecca Rosenberg, Pauline Schrifman, and Grace Wylie in 1932 during the Great Depression that followed the stock market crash of 1929.