About Dancetime Publications

About Dancetime PublicationsDancetime Publications is a publishing house creating DVDs that capture the research, preservation, and performance of historical dance. We also provide access to virtually every dance history video available online. No other company offers so much of the ephemeral experience of dance on video, making the evolution of Western dance more accessible than ever before.

Our Products

Dancetime Publications videos provide instruction, historical context, and entertainment for all dance lovers. Through our DVDs, novices, experts, choreographers, students, and teachers relive the music, fashion, and movements that comprise the heritage of Western dance. Dancetime Publications maintains a partnership with Amazon.com to provide reliable, excellent service and access to a constantly growing variety of dance videos, such as in-depth studies of traditional and contemporary ballet, international folk, modern, jazz, and tap styles.

Built upon decades of research and hundreds of years of artifacts, our repertoire of digital media seeks to fill gaps in the study of social dance. We begin our collection with the social dances of 15th and 16th century renaissance Italian courts, such as the dignified ballo and the lively volta. Next, we reach deep into the 17th and 18th century French baroque court, where elegant minuets and intricate court dances gave rise to many of our classical traditions, including ballet. Follow the evolution of dance into 19th century romantic waltzes, quadrilles, and cotillions, and watch as we plunge into the 20th century, when America’s multicultural roots shaped contemporary dance movements. Dance fads such as ragtime, jazz, and hip-hop were born from Latin and African-American roots in ballrooms and urban street scenes.

Our Company

Founded by renowned dance historian and teacher Carol Teten, Dancetime Publications was built upon her 40 years of professional experience and endless love for dance. Dancetime Publications revives the performances that have captivated dance enthusiasts throughout the centuries. We have won praise from critics at the New York Times, Washington Post, Library Journal, Dance Magazine, and many other industry publications. Please sign up to receive email from us and we will keep you up to date with our latest releases. We are passionate about historical dance and would love to hear from you as we work to bring you new and innovative dance videos. Email us here.